Making an impact

2020-21 academic year

NewsWise continues to strengthen primary pupils’ critical literacy skills, increase their interest in news and develop their confidence when navigating news
In numbers
pupils took part in the NewsWise programme
We trained
teachers in news and media literacy skills
We delivered
sessions in schools serving areas of disadvantage across the UK
online resources were downloaded
Pupil impact
After taking part in NewsWise:
More than
the number of pupils could tell if a news story was real or fake
said they were interested in the news, compared to 36% before
of pupils said they found it easy to tell if news was trustworthy, compared to 33% before
the number of pupils would check if news came from a person or source they trust
What teachers said
said pupils have increased skills in thinking critically about news
said the project increased pupils' engagement with news and journalism
said pupils are more likely to use more than one source to check facts
feel more confident in supporting pupil's news literacy
The classes were so affected by the Windrush stories that they wanted to know more. I was asked to invite one of our former TAs …who was caught by the change in legislation, to come into school so that they could interview him. I have rarely seen children so engaged. They saw the power of the media in changing minds. They realised that they aren't powerless, that news organisations can change governments’ minds.
Teacher, London
after taking part in NewsWise
NewsWise evaluation reports
Robust evaluation of the NewsWise programme and its impact, conducted by the National Literacy Trust
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