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Our impact

How your support makes a difference

Our purpose is to promote press freedom and access to liberal journalism across the world. Here's how our work made an impact in 2022/23, with the support of our volunteers, donors, partners and funders.

Building a media-literate generation.

We’ve worked with communities where the need for news and media literacy support is greatest, focusing on particular regions and piloting learning beyond schools, with groups including parents and librarians.
Spotlight: Behind the Headlines
Our secondary-age programme, Behind the Headlines, launched a pilot project, which trains young people aged 14-18 to teach their peers about media literacy.

Championing more diverse voices and perspectives in the media.

Great journalism should include diverse perspectives, from a range of sources, to enable informed decision making. To do this effectively and fairly, barriers to entry into the industry must be broken.
Spotlight: The Scott Trust Bursary
In 2022/23, Aneesa Ahmed, Nyima Jobe and Morgan Ofori were awarded the bursary and started their MA Journalism courses. In addition, we were delighted to announce the expansion of the scheme to offer three additional places specifically for Black aspiring journalists.
People need to know more about journalism. My friends and family place it on such a high pedestal and they don’t see it as accessible for people like us.
Nyima Jobe
2022 Scott Trust Bursary recipient

Supporting independent media to strengthen their work and engage audiences.

Quality, fact-based journalism needs resources to thrive. It needs to be financially viable, with the resilience to face threats to press freedom, digital evolution and crises like pandemics and conflict.
Spotlight: Growing our media viability work
The war in Ukraine saw journalists and organisations face extreme operational challenges and even exile to other countries in the region.

In response to this, we connected experts at the Guardian with the Kyiv Independent and Holod Media for workshops and virtual support tailored to the particular needs of the organisations, in areas such as reader revenue, marketing and growth planning.

We hope to continue this work in the coming year, reaching more organisations and refining how we work with them into a more formal and fully funded programme of support.
They understood our goals and gave us practical advice that we could act on quickly, one tip resulted in over 150% increase in our acquisitions that week.
Zakhar Protsiuk
Chief Operating Officer, the Kyiv Independent
Registered charity: 1153865