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About us

Our purpose
is to promote global press freedom and access to liberal journalism
Our vision
is a world where people have access to reliable information, from a diverse range of sources, strengthening their ability to hold power to account
Our strategic goals
Our priorities were established by listening to the challenges and needs that exist in the journalism industry. Our programmes address these three interconnected areas, all of which are essential in a democratic society where people can participate, influence and act.
1. News & Media Literacy
By engaging with audiences and educators, in schools and communities, our media literacy work tackles disinformation, enhancing people’s ability to critically evaluate news.
2. Voice & Agency
Through training, mentorship, bursaries and career guidance, we facilitate opportunities for people from underrepresented backgrounds to use their voice and agency and be included in the media.
3. Media Viability
By collaborating with fellow journalists and news organisations on areas that challenge their viability, we foster their capacity to engage people with fact-based journalism.
Our work
Take a look at our highlights or read about the recent impact we've had in our 2022/23 impact report
The Guardian Foundation believes that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, and that the safety and welfare of those with whom we work with is paramount in all circumstances. Our Safeguarding policy sets out The Guardian Foundation’s procedures and commitments to safeguarding children, adults at risk and everyone with whom we come into contact with through our work.
Our team
We are a dedicated and experienced team, committed to advancing the aims of the people we work with, in line with our goals and values
Our trustees
Our board of trustees donate their expertise to support our work, advance our mission and ensure the financial sustainability of the charity

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