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Our impact

2022/23 academic year

Our secondary and higher education team runs free, inspirational news and media workshops. During the 2022-23 academic year they continued to empower young people across the UK to access, understand, participate in and critically analyse media by extending their programme of workshops delivered at our Education Centre, virtually as well as in schools through our new Media Literacy Ambassador project.

With this innovative approach, the team has significantly strengthened the reach and effectiveness of our news and media literacy programme.
In numbers
young people took part in our workshops
teachers and educators participated in our workshops and webinars
sessions were delivered consisting of school workshops, teacher training and Q&A sessions for higher education groups
young people, teachers and adults have taken part in our activities since the Education Centre opened in 2002
Extending our reach
In addition to workshops at the Education Centre in London, our virtual sessions and Media Literacy Ambassador outreach project have helped in removing geographical constraints and has enabled us to extend our reach and impact with young people from diverse and underrepresented communities across the UK. We're ambitious to widen our reach further in 2023/24.
Our pilot Media literacy ambassador programme has been training young people in years 9-13 in the Midlands, Greater Manchester and South and West Yorkshire to teach their peers about fake news, enhancing media literacy skills across year groups and subjects.
What secondary school and college teachers say
rated the sessions as excellent or very good (76% excellent/21% very good)
agreed that the virtual workshops increased students' engagement with news
said that student confidence in checking whether a story is trustworthy increased as a result of our Fake or for real workshop
said students had increased awareness of journalism and media roles after participating in News editing, Feature and Opinion writing, and Future of news workshops
What students say
of all students say the workshop increased their interest in news
of students felt they were more confident in checking the trustworthiness of a news story after taking part in the Fake or for real workshop
of students indicated they had deepened their understanding about how news, features and opinion articles are written, edited and produced as a result of the News editing, Local news, Features and Opinion writing workshops
of students indicated that they had increased their awareness of journalism and media careers as a result of the News editing, Local news and Future of news workshops
A really important and interesting day that immersed the students in the world of news. We have seen an increase in uptake of those choosing to complete an A level in English language as well as creative media BTEC to support career paths in the media sector.
North Liverpool Academy
It was enjoyable to become the reporter of real life events rather than a spectator.
Student, Stopsley High School, Luton
The students loved working in the fast paced environment created in the workshop …and they were able to develop their digital literacy throughout the session. Students have since been more reflective of their own work and many have said how working to the deadlines in the session has helped them meet deadlines for their school projects more confidently.
Central Foundation Girls' School, London

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