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Scott Trust Bursary alumni

35 years of supporting aspiring journalists

The Scott Trust Bursary has been supporting students to complete journalism qualifications for over 35 years. Many of them have gone on to brilliant careers in the industry, working for news outlets such as the Guardian, BBC, Financial Times, New York Times and the Huffington Post. Scroll down to meet some them...
The Scott Trust Bursary gave me the training to start my career in journalism, and the connections to eventually work at the Guardian.
Gary Younge
Author, broadcaster, academic and former Guardian editor-at-large
It’s more than 20 years since I was on the Scott Trust bursary scheme and I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that it changed my life. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to afford my journalism training course, at City University in London, or met the many brilliant people I did there or in newsrooms across the country. I felt very daunted walking into a national newspaper for the first time, but it showed me that they actually needed people from different backgrounds and parts of the country - and what might be possible for my own career.
Pippa Crerar
Political editor, the Guardian
The opportunity to work with Guardian staff from all corners of the operation - such as those responsible for photography, or social media, or legal counsel - was one of my favourite parts. This helps you become a rounded team player, while the bursary pushes you to grow confidence both in and out of your comfort zone, instilling in you the grit and determination needed to get vital stories over the line.
Georgina Quach
Editor of Inside Politics and journalist, Financial Times, Scott Trust Bursary 2020
The Scott Trust Bursary meant meeting editors who I would build relationships with. That access is priceless and, for me, became the building blocks for my career.
Lanre Bakare
Special correspondent, the Guardian, Scott Trust Bursary 2007
Some of our other alumni
Randeep Ramesh, Tania Branigan, Samira Ahmed, Meera Selva, Fay Schlesinger, Homa Khaleeli, Sachin Nakrani, Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, Ammar Kalia, Amy Walker, Poppy Noor, Gregory Robinson, Jessica Murray, Lucy Campbell, Rhi Storer, Tobi Thomas, Alex Mistlin, Hibaq Farah, Weronika Strzyzynska, Safi Bugel, Sammy Gecsoyler, Mabel Banfield Nwachi, Ali Nobil Ahmad, Grace Holliday, Harrison Jones, Jacqui Merrington, Jamie Doward, Jason Grant-Rowles, Joanna Ball, John Stevens, Kylie Noble, Murad Ahmed, Nicola Slawson, Nimmi Maghera-Rakhra, Rebecca Ratcliffe, Rhiannon Edwards, Rosie Taylor, Shafik Meghji, Esther Addley, Shiv Malik, Simon Murphy, Symeon Brown, Anjana Ahuja...and many more.
Registered charity: 1153865