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Scott Trust Bursary

In conversation with Sammy Gecsoyler

We spoke to Sammy about his experience as a Scott Trust Bursary recipient, his top tips for those thinking about applying and why he’s passionate about journalism. Scott Trust Bursary applications will open again in early 2024.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Sammy, I’m from London and I am studying an MA in Journalism at Goldsmiths.

Why did you want to be a journalist?

Whether it’s an international story about hidden wealth, or a local story uncovering poor conditions in council homes, journalism plays a vital role in exposing injustice and holding power to account. This is what motivates me, and being part of it is an absolute privilege.

Why do you think diversity in the media is important?

There are a lot of perspectives that don’t get enough airtime. Giving people a platform in national publications is really important and I am happy that the Scott Trust Bursary is contributing to this.

What made you apply to the Scott Trust Bursary?

Because I’ve always wanted to be a Journalist but I found it hard to access. I applied for the career support as well as financial support. It seemed like a perfect opportunity.

What should Bursary applicants expect?

It is quite a lengthy initial application, so make sure you start early. Some of the questions can seem tricky, but remember it isn’t just about showing your skills and experience, but about yourself and your unique perspective. If you feel stuck, keep coming back to this in your answers.

Do you have other top tips?

My main piece of advice is to actually apply! We’ve all been in the situation where we say we are going to apply for something, and then don’t do it. Make sure you don’t discount yourself before you even start applying. You might not think you have enough work experience or you might be worried because you haven’t had anything published yet, but the scheme is about showing promise not perfection. 

What has been your favourite part of the scheme so far?

I’ve been writing stories from the get go, that has definitely been my favourite part. At Goldsmiths, we work on a newspaper called East London lines.

What's the biggest lesson you have learnt?

That there is so much you can do to build your career in journalism, beyond getting qualifications. I’ve learnt that, with social media at my disposal, I can contact people and share my stories as much as I want. The tools to write stories were always there, but the Scott Trust Bursary has given me the confidence and knowledge to use them.

What’s Goldsmiths like? Is doing an MA a big step up from undergrad?

I found it a big step up in terms of workload, but it is a very practical course, which I personally really enjoy.

Finally - what are you looking forward to the most?

I am looking forward to the rest of my MA course, doing more placements at the Guardian and generally just being a journalist!

You might not think you have enough work experience or you might be worried because you haven’t had anything published yet, but the scheme is about showing promise not perfection.
Sammy Gecsoyler
Scott Trust Bursary recipient and journalism student
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