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NewsWise pupil reports

Spring term

The following article is written by pupils at Tiger Primary School

Tiger Time Success

Kye, Luke, Lola, Mollie and Aidan
On Monday 20 February, Tiger Primary School introduced a new behaviour system to reward the extraordinary behaviour most of the Tiger Primary students show. Each week every class gets to vote on an activity they will do on the Friday afternoon to reward and promote the good behaviour shown.

Children can earn Tiger Time by following the school’s 3 rules: ready, respectful and safe. This Maidstone state school educates 439 students with a positive attitude to all school-work. Children get to choose their Tiger Time and participate in it from 2:40-3:10pm.

The deputy headteacher Mr Purser remarked that: ‘It is a wonderful idea and a great opportunity for the pupils that take pride in their work to really be noticed.’

Tiger Time is a reincarnation of Golden Time which was 30 minutes of relaxing music and calm games. It has been re-introduced to help with behaviour as children are more likely to work harder if there is a prize at the end. In this case, Tiger Time is the prize at the end that every child is working towards. All ages are able to do our range of exciting activities which contain educational purposes.

Every week there is an opportunity for your activity to be chosen. Lily from Year 2 commented: ‘I can’t wait to make a cake this week.’

Sydney from Year 3 expressed: 'I feel like I have behaved amazing consistently and I am excited to make stress balls.’

Although everyone has been enjoying it, some unfortunate child was misbehaving, so he lost 10 minutes of Tiger Time. He stated: ‘It was really sad when I missed Tiger Time because I thought it was going to be boring but, when I got to my classroom I realised how much fun it actually was.’

Since this is such a successful system Tiger Primary will keep doing Tiger Time and by the end of the year the deputy headteacher hopes to see an improvement in students’ behaviour.
This article is a very newsworthy story that is relevant to the local community and includes lots of interesting quotations and details. Congratulations!
The following articles are written by pupils at Park Hill Primary School

Local boys school admits girls

Kings Heath Boys School in South Birmingham is proposing to admit girls as soon as September 2024 due to the fact that they have spare capacity.

At the moment there are no mixed secondary schools in the Kings Heath area. If the school does become co-educational, this could give families the option. Last year, over 100 girls did not get their first choice school and had to travel further to get a place in a secondary school.

A parent said: “I think it’s good as it will be easier to adjust if their brother is already there.”

Most residents believe it is better to have a school where boys and girls can work together and they look forward to the positive changes.

A spokesperson from the school council stated: “We will need to design a new logo and make posters to put around the school.”

Importantly the girls will need their own bathroom. In addition, they must appoint a female PE teacher.

Kings Heath Boys School is set on an 8 acre site and is one of the largest schools in Birmingham with 168 pupils in year 7. In April 2023, the consultation will open.
This article contains excellent use of the 5Ws and lots of relevant details. Great job!

Kings Heath Boys School allowing girls from September

Osman, Silla, Abdul
Last academic year, the Headmaster and the City Council made an agreement that girls will be able to join Kings Heath Boys School.

The school, which was built in 1960, was rated ‘Good’ by OFSTED. The school recently had a £7 million extension and it is a non-selective school. The age range there is 11-16 years old.

If Kings Heath school became co-educational, parents would have a choice to send their daughters to a mixed secondary school. Last year, 100 girls had to travel out of Kings Heath to find a secondary school.

The head teacher, Mr Chris Etheridge, said: “We want to give families the choice of a co-educational school in the Kings Heath area as there is not currently a mixed school option.”

Some children like the proposal but other students do not agree with the proposal.

“I would prefer to attend a boys only school but we might get taught different lessons if girls come which will be interesting,” remarked a Kings Heath pupil.

A boy in year 8 said: “It might be a weird start but it’s my education that’s important.”

At this time, the idea is still a proposal. The decision will be made in July 2023. If they do allow girls, we can see the changes happening next September. The consultation is still happening in the area.
These pupils have chosen a very newsworthy story that is relevant to them and included lots of helpful quotations. Congratulations!
The following articles are written by pupils at Salisbury Road Primary School.

Booming bikeability

Ava, Conner, Darcie, Lucy, Nylah
Year 5 students of Salisbury Road have been learning how to ride a bike from the 13th March to the 16th of March so students can be safe on their bike at all times.

Bikeability was made to help people to ride a bike safely. Mr Taylor, who is the head of PE, stated: “We need to learn how to ride a bike and ride a bike on the road!”

Bruce, who is the lead of Bikeability, said that he finds bikeability so fun because he sees the progress some people make.

Bikeability is very useful because 63% of people that don’t ride a bike before the age of 11 don’t end up riding a bike.

Holly, a year 5 child stated: “I don’t really like riding my bike, especially on roads.” But 9 year old Evie said: “I really enjoy riding my bike because it is fun and I’m good and confident about it.”

“We are hoping that we can include more children in Bikeability", said Mr Taylor.

Looking towards the future, the KS4 pupils’ scheme might carry on and improve even more.
These students have written a very newsworthy and balanced article about something that is important to their audience. Well done!

Phenomenal playtimes

Michael, Lola-Mai, Hasan, Evie
Year 6 children at Salisbury Road Primary School have the opportunity to become a playleader from January onwards to stop the playground from being too chaotic.

These new rules were implemented due to the fact fights and arguments were occurring more often. Also due to the fact of more children being left out of games. These rules were made by Mrs Benton and rules include games such as skipping, snakes and ladders, throwing games, football, picnic areas and a crochet table.

Mrs Benton, the headteacher of the school, stated: “Mr Taylor had organised training for children in year 6 to become playleaders, to help with the new scheme at lunchtime, which included: drawing, skipping, times and rules for football, wooden blocks and games (held by the playleaders).”

A mealtime assistant who is out in the playground at lunchtimes stated: “The play leaders are very helpful.”

Many children (including play leaders) have made friends and had lots of fun. In an interview, Zara, who is a play leader, said: “I love it. I have made so many friends!”

Later in the year, Mr Taylor, who trains the play leaders, is hoping to train year 5s ready for next year.
These pupils have used quotations and the 5Ws really well in their report. Fantastic work!
The following articles are written by pupils at Taughmonagh Primary School

Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend the King’s coronation?

Carson, Lana & Nicholas
King Charles III’s coronation will take place on Saturday 6 May 2023 at Westminster Abbey, London, formally symbolising the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The coronation is a state occasion which means that the government is in charge of the guest list and pays for it.

Westminster Abbey can hold 2200 people, which means the number attending will be much smaller than that of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

The Prime Minister, representatives from the Houses of Parliament, heads of state and royals from around the world are all expected to be present.

The nation is divided on whether Harry and Meghan should receive an invitation following their decision to step down as senior royals in January 2020 and the publication of Harry’s recent autobiography ‘Spare’.

One scenario is that Harry may come to the event on his own, with Meghan staying at home in California, as it is their son Archie’s 4th birthday.

Mrs Douds, Principal of Taughmonagh Primary School, stated that she did not believe they should be invited: "Because they were disrespectful to their family."

Mrs Scott, a teacher at the same school disagreed, saying: "I think Harry and Meghan should get an invitation because family is family after all, even if you disagree."

Official invitations are expected to be sent out soon.
These students have written a balanced article that acknowledges two sides of an argument and uses quotations really well. Great job!

Do you want to be safer online?

Laci, Sarah, Charlotte, Charlie, Clea
On 7 February, Internet Safety Day, Taughmonagh Primary School took part in activities to learn how to keep safe online.

Angel, a primary 7 pupil, quoted: "Everyone should learn about Internet Safety Day, because you never know what could happen. You could get a message from someone you don’t know and you will not know what to do."

Internet Safety Day is about learning about wellbeing and staying safe online. People need to realise how dangerous the internet can be.

Mrs Scott the primary 5 teacher stated: "There are darker sides to the internet so you never know what can happen to you, or who can chat you and send DMs to you."

As the internet changes it is vital that pupils have the skills and the knowledge to stay safe online.
These pupils have made excellent us of quotations and chosen a very newsworthy topic. Well done!

Mrs Douds retires after 35 years at Taughmonagh Primary

Hannah, Keegan, Bailey, Lucy, Mia, Leo
On Wednesday 22 February, Mrs Douds announced that she would be retiring from Taughmonagh Primary School.

Mrs Douds stated that she has worked in the school for 35 years and she feels sad about leaving but is looking forward to seeing what is next in her life.

Harry from primary 7 in Taughmonagh says he will really miss her and it won’t be the same without her in the school.

Parents said she was the best principal they had and that she used to teach them.

She says she will go on an extraordinary amount of trips after retirement.
These students have chosen a story that is highly relevant to their school filled with reported quotations and clear sentences. Good work!

Taughmonagh Primary School go to Delamont

Angel, Jacob, Karla
On 1 February children from Taughmonagh Primary School went on a residential trip to an outdoor learning centre called Delamont in Killyleagh. Delamont is a residential centre where groups take part in outdoor activities like archery, climbing, adventure walks and campfires.

Nicholas, a student, said: "I felt quite scared but when I got there. I had fun even though in the first hours I jammed my finger in a door and now it’s very sore."

Mrs Browes, a teacher from Taughmonagh Primary School, said that one of her favourite activities at Delamont was the adventure walk because you get to walk through a river and jump off a big rock. She stated that she likes archery as well.

Mrs Woods, a parent, said: "I was very excited for my daughter to go to Delamont because I knew she would have lots of fun but yet I missed her so much when I was making a cup of tea."

Children from Taughmonagh Primary were so happy to go to Delamont. They had loads of fun and are so excited to go next year.
These students have chosen a story that is relevant to their school and made excellent use of the 5Ws. Fantastic work!

Teachers on strike

Jackson, Harry, Quintus, Leon
Teachers in Northern Ireland went on strike on Tuesday 21 February. The teachers were protesting because they wanted better pay and working conditions. The teachers felt they had no choice but to take strike action because they are concerned that cuts to teachers’ pay, and lack of funding for schools are causing a crisis in education.

The teachers were on strike because they wanted their salary to keep up with inflation. Their pay hasn’t increased in the past two years. The unfavourable working conditions in many schools is another factor.

The bad working conditions include: growing class sizes, teaching assistants disappearing from the system, higher levels of poverty, inadequate school budgets.

The vice principal of the same school, Mrs Kathy Browes, also said: "I felt it was important to support the strike. It’s about more than just pay."

The teachers union has stated that they will continue to strike until their pay is fair.
These students have chosen a very relevant and newsworthy story. They've made excellent use of the 5Ws and quotations. Excellent job!
The following articles are written by pupils at Sparken Hill Academy

Gleaming gliding comet flying into your grasp

New exquisite comet found by astronomers C/2022 E3 (ZTF) will make its second approach to Earth on 1st of February 2023. Scientists say that this emerald comet came from the Oort Cloud at the edge of the universe and was first seen by mammoths and sabre tooth tigers because it was the Ice Age at the time.

It’s taken the bushy, green comet approximately 50,000 years to arrive at Earth. Dr Robert Massey said: "Even a small pair of binoculars will help you find the jade green comet."

It appears that some comets come from the Kuiper belt beyond the orbit of Neptune. Dr Sara Webb said: "This is literally a once-in-a-lifetime - once in almost human civilisation - to look at."

In addition this rare comet will not return for millions of years. However this comet was found last March in California after that they thought it was an asteroid. It appears that after this teal comet passes Earth it will still be spotted by Mars and the star Capella on February 8th. Dr Robert Massey said: "This comet will be more visible at the North Star."

As we head into February this comet will soon disappear and this is the last time in our life we can see this magnificent, dirty snowball.

It will disappear the way it came from the Oort Cloud and maybe never return. A scientist told us that this week in February is the last time to see it.
Dheeraj has made excellent use of quotations and has included lots of relevant facts. Fantastic work!

Glistening, glowing, green comet

A new comet was discovered Wednesday 1 February 2023.

Astronomers have named it C/2022 E3 (ZTF). It took about 50 000 years for the journey towards Earth. It was first seen in California through a telescope on 2 March 2022. It is green because of something called an Oort Cloud, a collection of icy bodies at the edge of the solar system. It’s currently 41 million km (26 million miles) away from Earth.

Dr Greg Brown quoted: "The comet is at its brightest about now and will quickly drop in brightness as it starts to move away from Earth."

It appears that the amazing beautiful long tails are extremely unique to the comets because it is the ice heating up, boiling and steaming that creates them. They first thought that it was an asteroid but then they noticed that it was a comet and named it C/2022 E3 (ZTF). Amateur photographer Jack Downer told us: "The comet doesn't really have a tail in the photo because the tail is so faint in the image and you would need proper professional equipment to pick it up."

According to astronomers: "The green comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) was last seen in the ice age with sabre tooth tigers. When diatomic carbon is excited by ultra violet rays it gives off light resulting in the green comet."

Just yesterday a bright light of the full moon called a snow moon may have obscured some people’s views of the famous “Green Comet”. An expert told us. "It will disappear in the direction of the Oort Cloud in the outer Solar System back to where it was made."

It will continue to be visible throughout the week from anywhere in the northern hemisphere - weather permitting. Astronomers are unsure if comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) will ever return to Earth again and even if it comes we will not be around to see it.
Lillie has used the 5Ws really well and picked a very newsworthy story. Well done!

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