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Wellbeing and the news

NewsWise for families

Sometimes when there is one big topic all over the news it can feel overwhelming. Try to balance out your news diet with some happy news stories and take a step back from news if it feels too much
Feelings about news
News can sometimes provoke strong feelings. If someone is feeling upset or worried about a news story they have come across, what should they do? Here’s an activity to do as a family to help work out what steps would help someone feel better.
Get a balanced news diet!
It’s important to look at a range of different types of stories from different places. If someone just focuses on negative stories it can make them feel worried or upset. If someone only gets information from one place or about one topic, they might not be getting all the facts.
The Hook the reader game shows you how websites learn what users like and try to keep them interested for as long as possible – and asks you to think about what the consequences might be…
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