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Behind the Headlines

Future of news: virtual workshop

Ages: 15-18 (Y10 - Y13)

Minimum students: 15
Maximum students: 35
Timing: 80 minutes online delivery (or 1 hour and 20 minutes)

Students will discuss what news means to them, learn about the Guardian and its history, imagine and plan what they think the future of news might look like and share and reflect on their ideas with a presentation. In the interactive workshop students strengthen their collaborative skills and widen their knowledge of careers in journalism, media and technology. The session has been co-designed by the Guardian's User Experience team and is delivered by Behind the Headlines staff and, pending availability, a colleague from the Guardian's Digital and User Experience team.
  • 100% of teachers said the workshop has strengthened their students' collaboration skills.

  • 100% of teachers said the workshop has increased the students' awareness about the variety of roles in a media organisation.

  • 100% of teachers said the workshop has given them ideas to compliment their teaching.

  • Our workshops are planned and delivered by qualified secondary school teachers. Workshops are differentiated, where necessary and possible, to cater for students from Key Stages 3 - 5 and students with SEND.

    Technical requirements and registration

    The session will take place securely using Zoom. Due to limitations in virtual delivery, we are only able to connect with one classroom at a time and cannot connect with students’ personal devices.

    Please note we have limited availability and will give priority to state schools that have not previously had a workshop.

    Please ensure you provide full availability (days and times) for the class you wish to book for in the comment box to help us schedule bookings - without this we may be unable to offer a workshop to your organisation.
    This workshop was an excellent opportunity for our students to engage with The Guardian and news media experts. As well as being extremely relevant for their studies, the webinar was brought alive by your knowledgeable and engaging exerts. The students were all in agreement that this was an excellent event, and had really got them thinking about how they consume news media now, and also how they will do so in 2030!
    West Somerset College
    I liked learning about the different roles within The Guardian, especially how news is delivered and published online.
    Year 12 Student
    Greenford Highschool
    Students who had studied the Guardian previously had much better knowledge of the functions that support the creation of the newspaper. Students enjoyed listening to the potential careers they could achieve, with many asking about potential education pathways in which they could secure such a job.
    Benton Park School
    Registered charity: 1153865