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Behind the Headlines

Future of news: onsite workshop for secondary students

Ages: 15-18 (Y10 - Y13)

Maximum number of students: 30
Minimum number of students: 18
Timing: 2 hours

Students will discuss what news means to them, learn about the Guardian and its history, imagine and plan what they think the future of news might look like, and share and reflect on their ideas with a presentation.

In the interactive workshop, students work to invent and design a prototype or storyboard for consuming news in the future. They will strengthen their collaboration skills and widen their knowledge of careers in journalism, news, media, and technology.

The session has been co-designed by the Guardian's User Experience team and is delivered by Behind the Headlines staff and, pending availability, a colleague from the Guardian's Digital and User Experience team.
Our workshops are planned and delivered by qualified secondary school teachers. Workshops are differentiated, where necessary and possible, to cater for students from Key Stages 3 - 5 and students with SEND.

Onsite: Further information for schools visiting

Please ensure you have read our visitor guide, including the risk assessment and related documents.

Groups should arrive 15 minutes prior to their start time to check into the Guardian building.

Teacher/pupil ratio: there should be a minimum of 3 adults regardless of group size.

Please note we have limited availability of all workshops and will give priority to schools that have not previously had a workshop, particularly state schools with high numbers of pupils on free school meals.
The insight into the UX Designer role was fantastic and a great example of the variety of roles in the cultural industries/media.
Greenford High School
The workshop was highly informative and engaging and encouraged students and the staff to think about the future of news. Students were encouraged to both think independently and work collaboratively - this variation kept them engaged and allowed them to work creatively. The facilitators were excellent leaders in the workshop!
Teaching Assistant
UCL Academy
Interesting back story and context of the guardian itself. Well planned activities with breaks and movement in the right places meant students were not overloaded.
Finham Park

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