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Behind the Headlines

Innovative teacher training, webinars, conferences and CPD

Free virtual CPD, bespoke sessions for your school, and initial teacher training
  • 98% of teachers said our training was very good or excellent

  • 100% of trainee teachers said the webinar gave them ideas and resources to complement their teaching

  • Initial teacher training
    We deliver a popular 40 minute webinar for English, History and Citizenship trainee teachers on critical literacy and teaching news. During the webinar we model our Fake or for real workshop and equip participants with skills, resources and ideas to teach the session with their practice schools. Contact us if you would like to book a session.
    Bespoke training
    On request we can organise tailored news, journalism and critical literacy training for a range of educators and to support specific subjects or initiatives. We recently ran a CPD session for a teaching department who wanted to run a news day in their school. Contact us if you would like to discuss arranging bespoke training for your organisation.
    Resources to support students
    We offer a range of resources to support and embed news and media literacy across the secondary curriculum, including advice, tips and downloadable material.
    Following the informative and interesting training session, we felt confident in delivering a successful day of activities, focused on career, researching, writing, and editing skills. Students responded really well to the variety of tasks and enjoyed the challenges they faced over the course of the day. Overall, a really positive experience!
    After a bespoke CPD webinar
    A brilliant morning. This is exactly what a 21st Century PGCE should be delivering. The trainees found it really useful for their classroom practice and for extending their thinking on media literacy.
    Tom Donnai
    Subject Leader, PGCE History, University of Manchester
    Really useful ideas at a time when our young people need to be equipped with the skills to question what they are reading. Really informative and great that it was packed with info!
    After a Fake News and Misinformation CPD webinar

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