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Behind the Headlines

Fake or for real: virtual workshop for secondary students

Ages: 11-18 (Y7 - Y13)
Maximum number of students: 35
Timing: 40 minutes online delivery and 30+ minutes post workshop activity

In this interactive workshop students will discuss how they find out about news, analyse the different ways sources can be misleading and develop research and questioning skills, increasing their confidence in checking the trustworthiness of stories.

Once the workshop has finished, students will produce their own Fake or for real presentations or videos after researching and analysing recent news stories. This can take 30+ minutes and will be led by classroom teachers with resources provided by our team.
Our workshops are planned and delivered by qualified secondary school teachers. Workshops are differentiated, where necessary and possible, to cater for students from Key Stages 3 - 5 and SEN students.

Technical requirements and registration

Sessions will take place securely using  Zoom. Due to limitations in virtual delivery, we are only able to connect with one classroom at a time and cannot connect with students’ personal devices. Students will need computer access to research and prepare their presentations.

Please note we have limited availability and will give priority to state schools that have not previously had a workshop.

Please ensure you provide full availability (days and times) for the class you wish to book for in the comment box to help us schedule bookings - without this we may be unable to offer a workshop to your organisation.

Resources to support this workshop

Thank you for working with us. We loved it and would look forward to another session in future!
Bishop Hedley High School, Merthyr Tydfil
We could investigate if what we know about is actually for real. I can worry less about some news that scares me.
Moulsham High School, Chelmsford
The support that you have all given me in the lead up to this workshop was phenomenal: patience, understanding and helpful. Thank you!
St Gregory’s School, London

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